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Payroll Processing

From timekeeping to taxes, CPP simplifies your payroll process and leverages powerful software for productivity, cost savings and to ensure you meet all regulatory compliances. We're also very flexible - from the phone and fax to the PC and Internet, CPP accommodates your workflow while seizing advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.


We offer three types of check stock. We offer an 8.5" x 7" as our standard size check. The 8.5" x 11" stock is ideal for companies with many earning and deduction codes. Finally our Pressure seal stock is the ultimate in security as it is a single sheet of paper folded and sealed. There is no way to look at the check without actually opening it. All three types are laser printed with MICR inc that Banks can easily read from. The check formats themselves are designed with many security features suggested by Frank W. Abagnale (you might know him from the movie "Catch Me If You Can", played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

Agency Checks

Calculating employee garnishment payments can be difficult. The requirements of individual agencies vary. These requirements rest heavily on employers and can be very time consuming. Let us handle the burden for you. We offer a comprehensive wage garnishment service that calculates, withholds, and remits payments to assist you.



When you become a client of ours, reports are just a click away. New employee forms, (W-4, etc.) and forms for payroll.

Each payroll includes:

Cover Letter

This report shows you how much money to is needed to cover ALL your payroll expenses. Simply transfer the amount shown on this report to your payroll account and let us handle all the details.

Check Reconciliation

Reconciling your checkbook is a snap with this simple listing of all your direct deposits and checks. We can provide this every pay or monthly at your request.

Payroll Register with YTD

Our register provides you with the same payroll information included on each check stub. With both current AND YTD information at your fingertips, you will be able to field any question that an employee may have without digging through piles of previous payroll reports.

Tax Report

Our tax report details all the tax liability in your current payroll. See the breakdown of FICA, Federal and State withholdings, and unemployment insurances. If you have chosen our complete tax service, this report simply details how we calculated your tax liability and we tackle the responsibility of paying all the government agencies on your behalf.

Input Worksheet

Included with each payroll is this customized sheet that aids in your preparation of hour submission. It includes all your active employees grouped the way you want. If it is convenient, you can choose to fax payroll hours to our office anytime 24/7. Your payroll shows up at your office the next day!

CPP services include the following:

Labor Distribution

If you have a need to fully understand or report to others the amount of labor spent on different department or programs, our labor distribution functions will be indispensable to you. Our powerful software can distribute wages and taxes for any person to an unlimited number of departments. How important is it to you to correctly see the wages attributed to each department or program? Our auto labor distribution function allows you to predetermine an employees wage distribution to any number of departments. So if you are spending 50% of your time in the Human Resource department and 50% in the payroll department, you can use our auto labor distribution function to automatically assign your wages to the correct department giving you an accurate picture of your TRUE costs!

Job Costing

Are you concerned that you are earning the appropriate amount of money to cover your jobs? If you have cost centers that are constantly changing, our job costing module gives you the power to track and report your costs to the penny. Simply assign a job that is in your database during payroll entry or add a job on the fly. Large and small construction companies and farms use our job costing functions to make sure their profits stay where they are supposed to be. Track your jobs every payroll and through the course of the project to assure your bottom line is where it is supposed to be!

GL Report and GL Generator

So many companies take their payroll reports and create their
general ledger entry by transposing numbers into a spreadsheet then keying them into their accounting package. Why not let CPP do the work for you? We will provide your GL entry complete with your account numbers correctly portraying both debits and credits. You can even take it a step further and use our GL generator to create the a file to import into your accounting package. Imagine, no more entries to do! Simply import ALL your entries into your accounting package automatically. We support many popular formats including Quickbooks, Peachtree, Accpac, MAS90 and many more. We can even create a custom import in the event we do not support your current accounting package. Let us take the complexity out of your general ledger reporting.

Evolution® Payroll & HR Software

The Evolution of payroll software has made possible fully integrated payroll and human resource systems! Contact us today to arrange for a demonstration over the Internet. While you remain at your desk, comfortable with your cup of coffee, our technician can easily direct a demonstration through your Internet connection. View the features and benefits below for more information.

Web Enabled Window Architecture --- Evolution® runs using both your computer and our servers in harmony. A small proprietary browser is installed on your local machine allowing access to your database on our servers. All data transmission is encrypted using 256-Bit technology. More information about security is available here. Our application is extremely popular with information technology professionals for many reasons including:

  • No need to host on your servers
  • Easily networked with multiple simultaneous users
  • Extremely high security
  • Automatic updates over the web
  • What you can do with Evolution Payroll Software

Its almost easier to answer what can you do with Evolution® Payroll with the question " what can't you do with Evolution® Payroll?" Our extremely rich features package handles even the most complex needs of our clients.

The Evolution® HR module provides your company with all of the tools needed to compete in today's competitive marketplace. Evolution® Payroll and HR share one common database, eliminating duplicate entry and the need for customized imports. Our clients have the ability to track and report on vital employee personnel information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injuries, uniforms, badges, locations, security levels, and anniversary dates. Customized tools, such as "applicant tracking", help companies in any industry stay on of top labor pool information. Evolution® HR makes use of our integrated report writer, creating an extremely powerful HR management tool and enabling HR professionals to comply with internal and external reporting requirements.

Direct Deposit

Complete Payroll Processing participates in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system and can electronically deposit funds into any bank that participates. Employees still get a complete check stub detailing their earnings but their funds are electronically deposited into their bank account of choice. The benefits are almost too many to list (but we'll give it a try)
Over half of all employees in the US are paid via direct deposit and do not have to go to the bank to deposit their paycheck. No more waiting in lines at the bank on payday when the lines are the longest. Your employees participating in direct deposit will not be forced to use their lunch break to cash their check or lose production time waiting in long bank lines. Everyone benefits from direct deposit.

Many banks offer free checking to employees that have their paychecks directly deposited into their accounts because it eases their lobby traffic and ensures deposits.
Your administrative burdens are eased with direct deposit. No need to re-cut lost paychecks, sign paychecks or reconcile checks that are outstanding or cashed late.

Have your employees asked to forward their checks to them while on vacation? With direct deposit their money is in the bank every pay period, without you lifting a finger.
It is confidential. When using direct deposit is goes through fewer hands, which means less people know salaries, and deductions. Direct deposit can be split between accounts and by percentages. There is no limit.

Check Signing and Insertion

Tired of signing and stuffing checks? Let CPP do it for you. Your digitized signature can be imposed on the checks. The checks arrive at your location in the order that you request; alphabetically or by department. Ever worry about vacations or scramble trying to find an authorized check signer? Let CPP affix your secure signature and delivery your payroll ready to distribute while you attend to more important things.

Time Off Accrual & Reporting

Vacation and sick time tracking are extremely important, often these are tracked inaccurately and it is time consuming. Imagine an employee leaving your employment and cashing out their vacation in excess to what they truly have accrued. How much time off has already accrued in your organization and what is the dollar amount it represents? CPP can set up your accruals to accurately accrue and distribute time off pay. Our systems can automatically accrue time off based on your policies and provide weekly reporting to ensure accuracy. Let us handle your accruals every week and your staff can simply audit what our system reports. We help you take charge of time off expense and provide an accurate method to keep your cost where they should be.

General Ledger

Link Your Payroll Data Directly to Your Accounting Software
Complete Payroll Processing's General Ledger Reporting Service posts your payroll information directly to many popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, AccPac, and Sage Business Works Gold.

Flexibility Increases Productivity

Whether we send you a file to import into your accounting software or a report that lets you manually post payroll transactions to your general ledger, Complete Payroll Processing helps speed up the process and reduce errors. General ledger reporting delivers information that is compatible with most popular accounting software programs. Complete Payroll Processing can also customize it for you. You can even authorize direct, online access for your accountant, bookkeeper, or financial advisor.

Report Posting

If you elect to manually post to your general ledger, General Ledger Reporting Service provides a journal report that summarizes all your payroll transactions. It lists the appropriate account number, account description, debit, and credit. An additional report lists departmental costs for earnings, employer taxes, employer expenses, and total costs. Your Accountant will thank you for it!

For your convenience, we have many options for reporting payroll. From timekeeping to taxes, Complete Payroll Processing simplifies your payroll process, starting with the gathering of your employees' information. We provide you with a payroll worksheet designed to help you report your employees' hours and earnings by telephone, fax, PC, or via the Internet. We also have an automatic payroll, if you have no time for any of the above, we can set your salary employees up to run every week so that you won't even have to worry about it.


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